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   Pumpkin face painting pictures show funny pumpkins painted on my face for cool faces I painted while live on my free webcams and in chat during face painting fun webcam shows always kid safe fun shows for kid and adults that like funny shows online via funny webcams. The pumpkin face painting with red hair shows where I used kryolan hair color spray to make my hair pretty colors for halloween face painting webcam shows online that day. The kryolan hair color spray washes out easy with just a shower.

Funny things having to say the best part of that pumpkin face painting was the cool hair color spray I used to color my hair with but the pumpkin face paintings sure not my best pumpkin face painting design. I wanted to show how to make simple pumpkin face painting designs for kids and adults that do not know how to paint pumpkin faces it helps to show simple face painting on webcam shows online at times. I do however have lots of detailed face art online.

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Funny pumpkin halloween videos of me being stupid but having fun being stupid eh grin. A more clear and better video version of that face paintings on the pumpkin facepaint page 1.

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Pumpkin Face Paintings Sure Not My Best Pumpkin Face Painting Designs There Either but I wanted to share my photos and videos of different kinds of pumpkin facepaint online so there we have it.

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I also sell pumpkin paintings of painted pumpkin people on cool art cards for sale online but original art cards aceo art pumpkin people painted like pumpkins and people with pumpkin heads and bodies etc.

The pumpkin pictures below shows small paintings of painted pumpkin people also found on my art auctions and art gallery for sale all year.

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    All photos, videos and website contents my own works. I do my own art, face and body painting, photography and website web design as well as playing movie maker or video producer and movie director online eh. I am a jack of all traits and master of one! The one thing I mastered is being the world's best cat slave or at least being one of the world's best cat slaves just ask zola *Grin*

     I do not use stencil or premade face painting patterns. I do not copy facepaint from a face book or face paint book nor do I get ideas for painting ideas from any book or websites it is all art from my warped mind. At times I do tribute painting to cool movies, funny cartoons and things I like such as The Simpsons, ET face painting etc but the paintings even of those are painted my way for my version of the movie, cartoon, etc.

Facepaint photos, face painting videos online via facepaint.ws my fun & cool website contents is not for download or use by anyone buy myself! My cool sites contents is all copyrights of facepaint.ws artist Hilary Leigh aka me the cool webmaster

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