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Pictures Below To Show My First Visit To A Real Kryolan Store Found In Gothenburg Sweden. Living In Europe makes it so easy to buy Kryolan paint and so fun *Grin*. Like a kid in a candy store as I did shop for Kryolan Face Paints & Hair Color Spray with the money I made from google that month or part of it of course but I did buy lots of kryolan face paints *grin* Swedish website for Sweden & Denmark online has more pictures and details in Swedish about my first trip to the Kryolan Store via Kryolan Face Paint Store in Gothenburg Sweden. If your Swedish and some way found this website you may want to check out

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Face Paint Pictures Below To Show Examples Of My Face Painting & Hair Painting Where I Painted My Face And Hair With Kryolan Dayglow Face Paints. Dayglow Face Paints Glow In Blacklight. To buy Dayglow Face Paints & Body Paints That Glow In UV Check out My & Dayglow Face & Body Painting Websites. I even sell Black Lights And Dayglow Art Online Blacklight Face Paint Photos & Videos On My Dayglow Face And Body Painting Websites Are All Kid Safe Face And Body Paintings I Share To Show How I Glow In Dayglow Face Paints & Dayglow Body Paint via Kryolan UV Dayglow Face Paint Dayglow Face Paints Below To Show An Example Of Dayglow Face Painting & Hair Color Spray I made with Kryolan Face Paints & Kryolan UV Hair Color Spray As Sold Online Here


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About My Face And Body Painting Websites Below & About My Face Painting Ideas & Art

I do not use stencil or premade face painting patterns. I do not copy facepaint from a face book or face paint book nor do I get ideas for painting ideas from any book or websites it is all art from my warped mind. At times I do tribute painting to cool movies, funny cartoons and things I like such as The Simpsons, ET face painting etc but the paintings even of those are painted my way for my version of the movies, cartoons, faces etc.

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    I use German Face paints & German body paint called Kryolan face paints for all my face and body painting. I have used Snazaroo face paints only on myself and only used the snazaroo face paints a few times when I ran out of Kryolan paints and could not find face paint stores in the usa that sell Kryolan Face Paints For Sale. When people hire me as a face painter and body painter for halloween costumes or face paint parties I never use face paints other than the best face paints and the best face paints are Kryolan Face Paints if you ask professional face painters like me that know what makes the best face paints. Lots of professional UK face painters and body painters use Snazaroo Face Paints paints as they are also much higher quality than american face paints made in china paint etc. I know Kryolan face paints are the worlds best face paints for Halloween face paint and movie style makeup so I do not use cheap face paint for my face painting parties or events. I love Kryolan face paint and use Kryolan for all my facepaint and body painting since it always washes off easy & is safe for skin. facepaint & body paints for sell online here are shipped worldwide with shipping of European face paints sent to the usa and sold to american face painters or people looking to buy face paints for halloween etc yet the paints are not made in the usa or made in china since I only sell face paints that are safe and high quality paints! Buy Face paints that professional painters use in Europe! Best Paints for face & body art as used by professional face painters and body painters!

    I picked Snazaroo face paints and Kryolan Face Paints For Sale On My Face Paint Stores & Shops Online To Sell Halloween Face Paint Stores Online. Both Face Paints are European Face & Body Paints made in Europe but ships worldwide. Kryolan Face Paints Are The World's Best Face Paints for detailed costume makeup and movie style make if you ask me.

   All my face paintings on live webcams and face painting websites online show where I painted my face and body with Kryolan Face Paints. Both Snazaroo and Kryolan Face Paints are easy to wash off and safe for face and body painting. Snazaroo Face & Body Paints are uk or British face & body paint used for face & body painting and made to pass european standards. European face & body paints set at higher standards than american paints.

   You may have seen some of the face paint stores have stolen face and body painting pictures of me painted with blacklight face paints and body paints for dayglow body paint stores and websites I own. Sadly other facepaint and body paint stores online have illegally taken my photos to market face and body paints I would not use on my worse enemy eh. Well all my blacklight face paint and blacklight body paintings were done with Kryolan Dayglow Face And Body Paints As Seen On My Blacklight Body Paint And Blacklight Facepaint Websites &

Information About Face Paintings, Website & Face Painter, Body Painter, Video Producer, Painted Model, Photographer And Artist Hilary Leigh

    All photos, videos and website contents my own works. I do my own art, face and body painting, photography and website web design as well as playing movie maker or video producer and movie director online eh. I am a jack of all traits and master of one! The one thing I mastered is being the world's best cat slave or at least being one of the world's best cat slaves just ask zola *Grin*

Facepaint photos, face painting videos online via my fun & cool website contents is not for download or use by anyone buy myself! My cool sites contents is all copyrights of artist Hilary Leigh aka me the cool webmaster

If you wanted to find a paint shop that sells paints and oil pastels for professional artists or buy paintings and art for sale online check out my art website for I paint more than just face paint and body paintings for halloween etc. I sell professional art supplies and paintings with art online below. is one of my art websites where I sell art online or used to have art auctions

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