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  Friday The 13th is thought to be unlucky to many people around the world however, in China they see the number 13 as being lucky numbers in some cases. Many believe that since there were 13 guests at the Last Supper with Jesus that brings bad luck. Some people will not sit at a table with 13 people for dinner. It was said by some that the day Jesus was crucified was in reality Saturday The 14th so it makes you wonder why do they also not see this as a day of bad luck. Hum.

  If you believe in Jesus being the Son of God or not really is not the point of this posting. The point is just to show you a few places around the world that do believe this day to be unlucky. It is said to be considered unlucky by people in the USA, France, Austria, Germany, The Netherlands, Republic of Ireland, Belgium, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, the Philippines and even a few others. Yes Friday The 13th Superstitions seems to be world wide in ways.

  I myself would think that if you believe a day to be unlucky the power of your thinking could cause things to happen so try to go through each day with positive thinking. The power of the mind can out do any bad karma you may think could fall upon you. Remember that just because some believe a day to be a bad or unlucky day does not mean it is true. People have their own opinions, beliefs and superstitions. I must admit though to have a day like Friday the 13th and Halloween does make for good scary face painting parties and events so to face painters Friday The 13th can be good luck and good money eh. Either way if you believe 13 is unlucky why would it have to hit on a friday for bad luck since Friday 13th is just another day with the same lucky or unlucky 13th after the day eh grin. Either way that day Happy Friday 13th & Enjoy the day and good or bad luck the 13th may bring that Friday! grin.

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Bad Lucky Friday The 13th Lucky Day, Unlucky Day Why Does It Have To Be A Friday Why Not Just Any 13th Day Grin. There we have it babble by what was me or x leigh as we knew Hilary Leigh before sadly she did flea *itching all the way like fleas are on me nightly and daily eh grin* Babble from far or maybe near not sure where I will be when you read this or how long offline or online I am now days but from 2002 to 2009 I was online pretty much all the time as I worked, lived and had a life prior to becoming nothing in life eh grin. Well there we have it or did.

    May of 2010 I had bad luck on an unlucky day, unlucky month and unlucky year or unlucky couple of years eh grin. Though it was not Friday The 13th in may 2010 or even Saturday the 14th, 2010. In may of 2010 I deleted all sites to redo in order to remove the world globe geovisite that was putting pop ups on my site. I had also got threats from Google to remove me due to my real news reports or news site then to hear my zombies, skulls and things could be considered too much gore or too real looking was shocking. The use of the word links and click to tell people to click my links to find pages was also said to be a violation in ways of google. If I can not write my bio for the info on my car accident and things with not making it scary or in detail was also not fit so how can I run a site with using usa stuff I wonder. Oh well and not to mention the videos using video sites that host videos are not ok to use since the video or movie players link into sites like google, youtube and others that use copyright material even if I only post my own videos. What Can I Do maybe redo it. Sorry the Friday The 13th skull with funny text and captions is gone. I lost lots of work and pages. May Friday the 13th be a Happy Friday The 13th for a day in may was not eh. Worse yet about a year later due to a week off on payment from other affiliate programs I lacked a small simple 10 usd to pay hosting then and ended up being taken offline with all things that were on lost and having to be redone. I use paypal to pay hosting or did then and poof could do nothing. I made a huge ops or error costing me what was my life and my real family and hope and all things back around 2008 or such yet in 2013 found myself loving to live in the wild and avoid people yet at the same time found google took me off google adsense for reasons that make no sense to me nor did google say why I was kicked off with no money owed to me ever to be paid. Well I guess using google was bad luck and a bad choice too eh. There we have it I am lost leigh out here homesick for my family, missing my son, wishing I had my license and car or motorcycle or even way around with a working ankle at times eh. Wishing I had a home even a small room somewhere at this point would be good but my bad luck hit hard and I will no longer pretend it is ok. Maybe for a change Friday 13th will be lucky for Friday The 13th 2013 I will hold Zola tight and wish on the unlucky day to make things alright before I take off into the night eh. Grin there we have it Happy Friday 13th and do not do anything I would not do & Do Not Do Anything You Do Not Want To Do No Matter How Hard They Beg You!! Grin.